Library for guests

Feel free to leave your books at home: we’ll lend you ours! Put away that iPhone and enjoy, finally, a good book. Whether you’re in the mood for a murder mystery, a challenging novel, or a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place. And if it seems like a good time to brush up […]

Trarego Cheglio Viggiona Guide

Written by us, updated annually. Before throwing ourselves into the crazy renovation of the Casetta, we wrote a mini-guide to Trarego Cheglio Viggiona. It will be our gift to you when you check in! It is essential, concise and independent. There are the places we like best and the advice we would give you, if […]

Verbena Terrace

Take a breath, uncork your prosecco and enjoy the view of Lake Maggiore Our Little House is in the historic center of Cheglio, 800 meters above the lake. When we started thinking about the renovation, we came up with the idea of creating a terrace from which to enjoy the view of the lake. What […]

Free parking

And if you book directly with us, you park in the garden. Book your stay directly from our website: we reserve a parking space in our garden. Obviously free. Other than 5-star hotels. Discover our services!

Room Carolina

The rooms of the Little House of Rebel Girls: The Carolina Room

Room Carolina Book now Once upon a time there was a Carolina kitchen…and there is now a king’s chamber! Peek into the fireplace and pick out a book. Then, lie down on the bed, close your eyes and finally relax: you’re on the best possible vacation. The silence of the village around, the original materials […]

Suite Enrica

The rooms of the Little House of Rebel Girls: Enrica Suite

Suite Enrica Book now The comfort of a suite with kitchen and view of Lake Maggiore The heart of the Rebel Girls’ Little House. Enrica was the grandmother, revolutionary and independent, born in 1929. To her is dedicated a lovely apartment, overlooking Lake Maggiore. The tones of white and blue embrace the rooms and emphasize […]

Old house modern Services

If you are like us, you want to be comfortable and enjoy the beautiful Quite frankly, everyone really likes our Little House. Walls more than a foot thick, the wrinkles and imperfections of an old country home, and all the amenities you’d have at home. Here’s how we renovated it… Discover our services!

Cooler than at the lake: -5°

Imagine a place where you’re in a bathing suit during the day and at night you’re wearing a blanket. Do you know those hot July days? The ones where you picture hay bales rolling through the canyons and the sound of cowboy gunfire in the distance? There are those on Lake Maggiore, too. But then […]

Top view of Lake Maggiore

View from Lake Maggiore

#breathless From our Terrace Verbena, dedicated to my mom, all our guests can enjoy spectacular views of the lake. At sunrise, at sunset, in the evening under the stars. It’s like having a private room, without having to pay. Let the world around keep spinning, while you enjoy the peace and beauty of Lake Maggiore […]

Spring water at will

Other than that in the bottle, which comes from far away Whether you’re looking to load up on charcuterie, vegetarian, or eating gluten-free, we have just the thing for you. We are the operators of a beautiful mountain restaurant – we don’t just say so: suffice it to say that the reviews average 4.7/5. It’s […]