Certified Organic Soaps

Saponi bio alle Casette delle Ragazze Ribelli

We were sick of cheap products in the shower…. That’s why we chose HAND Cosmetics: certified organic soaps 100% made in Italy. HAND stands for “Have a nice day”, which we think is a great way to get your vacation days off to a great start. The soap is beautiful, fragrant and you can take […]

At 12 minutes from Cannero Riviera

By car, by bike, by velociraptor or on foot Cannero Riviera and Cannobio are the two towns we love most on Lake Maggiore. Both are Blue Flag, for their sustainable beach tourism, and Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club. What a beauty: sleeping at the Little House of the Rebel Girls, you’ll be a […]

Lake Maggiore for kids

Mini jeep for children in Wonderwood - Ranger Trail

Here the little adventurers can play in freedom There are wonderful places where children are still told “watch out! Watch out for cars going by!”. What a nightmare. And then there’s Trarego Viggiona, with its super safe playgrounds and the Tactile Museum of the Mountain, the Ape Gaia farm with farm animals and bees. Dulcis […]

Comfortable orthopedic bed

Suite Enrica

To sleep well and make fiki fiki without disturbing the neighbors For the headboards of the beds, we salvaged old bits of the house when it was a ruined version. For the beds, however, we spared no expense. Orthopedic slats, other than those piffle springs Latex mattress, which keeps you cool and free from back […]

VIP Dinner at Grotto Carza

Mountain chopping board at Grotto Carza

The coolest restaurant on the lake… is in the mountains Whether you’re looking to load up on charcuterie, vegetarian, or eating gluten-free, we have just the thing for you. We are the operators of a beautiful mountain restaurant – we don’t just say so: suffice it to say that the reviews average 4.7/5. It’s a […]

VIP Access to Wonderwood

Percorsi avventura di Wonderwood

The park at 1,000 meters above Lake Maggiore The park where the little ones can experience grown-up adventures and where adults can become children again for a day. At 15 minutes from Cannero Riviera, with a beautiful view of Lake Maggiore, Wonderwood will make you spend a day in nature with four adventure trails, a […]

Double shower & Powerful phon

The house of the Rebel Girls' shower

The highlight of the vacation… is in the bathroom! What a beard, when the shower is a hole, the hairdryer won’t dry, and the mirror fogs up. Yet it happens to us on 99% of our vacations. Well, you guys are in luck instead! Because at our Little House of Rebel Girls, shower time is […]