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Overlooking Lake Maggiore

Imagine a place where you're in a bathing suit during the day and at night you're wearing a blanket.

Do you know those hot July days? The ones where you picture hay bales rolling through the canyons and the sound of cowboy gunfire in the distance? There are those on Lake Maggiore, too.

But then you can go up 12 minutes, get to Cheglio, stay at the Rebel Girls and enjoy the cool weather – with 5 degrees down even in the afternoon.

Sunbathe on the Terrace during the day and after lunch, when it’s time for a nap, our 60 cm thick Pareti Di Una Volta® protects you from the heat and mugginess. Guess what? No air conditioning is required.

Bye-bye sultriness, fainting spells, air conditioning rheumatism, sleepless nights, mosquitoes…

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The rooms of the Little House of Rebel Girls: The Carolina Room

Room Carolina

Room Carolina Book now Once upon a time there was a Carolina kitchen…and there is now a king’s chamber! Peek into the fireplace and pick

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