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Doccia delle Casetto delle Ragazze Ribelli

The highlight of the vacation... is in the bathroom!

What a beard, when the shower is a hole, the hairdryer won’t dry, and the mirror fogs up. Yet it happens to us on 99% of our vacations.

Well, you guys are in luck instead!

Because at our Little House of Rebel Girls, shower time is sacred and you’ll enjoy it in a giant double shower, perfect for cuddling with your loved one. Or who you’ve chosen for a weekend away…

And then, as you wrap yourself in the super-soft towels, you’ll realize that the mirror doesn’t fog up (magic!) and that the hairdryer is super powerful and sends ions all over the place to make your hair look spectacular.

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The rooms of the Little House of Rebel Girls: Enrica Suite

Suite Enrica

Suite Enrica Book now The comfort of a suite with kitchen and view of Lake Maggiore The heart of the Rebel Girls’ Little House. Enrica

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